50 Beautiful Brown Skin Child Discussion Questions

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Thank you so much for downloading this discussion question guide to go along with the book, Beautiful Brown Skin Child by Ayesha Rodriguez. There are plenty of times that we read a book to our child(ren) and then it is put back on the shelf once it is done. Many times, the book is hardly picked up again. One of my goals as an author is to make sure that I encourage more dialogue between adult and child by turning my work into an activity book. I want to challenge our young scholars with this material. This discussion guide can be used for a wide range of ages. Choose the questions that you feel are appropriate for their level or alter them so that it best fits. These questions should not be done in one session, but over many different sessions. Please take your time.

There are questions that may require a little research. This would be the time to show them how to look up information at the library, dictionary or reputable sources online. There are also larger vocabulary words in the book. I suggest looking up the words together in the dictionary and/or have them take an educated guess using the sentences. This list is simply a guide to help open up the doors of communication.
Welcome their questions and get them excited about learning! It is my hope that meaningful, productive, and beautiful conversations come about.

Kind Regards,

Ayesha Rodriguez, M.Ed

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